Iri Alexander

Creator, Producer, Illustrator, Director, and Voice for Tango

Iri lives in the Pacific Northwest, with their cat and two housemates. They are the head of Crossroad Stations, the production studio for Jim Robbie and the Wanderers. Aside from voicing Tango, they have also voiced characters in Otherverse, Greater Boston, What’s the Frequency, Oz9 and numerous other shows. They work as a writer, voice actor, artist, and producer for Crossroad Stations, and the Vice Chair of the non-profit Olympia Lamplighters in Olympia, WA. In their free time they enjoy painting, taking walks in the rain, and yelling in the middle of fields.

Find them at: @irialexander on twitter and at

Laura Bramblette

Sound Engineer, Various Voices

Shannon Sawyer

Writer, Various Voices

Zoe Embler

Director, Writer, Voice for Frey

Caleb Del Rio

Writer, Voice for Nico

Jim Crawley

Voice for Jim Robbie

Born in Wichita, Kansas, James grew up in a small suburb playing football, baseball, and wrestling. He eventually went to a small community college on a wrestling scholarship where he discovered theatre. His first role was Claudio in “Much Ado About Nothing”. From there, he went on to Wichita State University, on a rowing and theatrical scholarship where he starred in several theatrical productions, working on his bachelor’s degree, and also catching a break in several independent films, a few commercials, and a major motion picture, “About Schmidt”. Even though James shot two weeks worth of footage, he ended up with just 5 seconds on screen, but learned a lot., shooting all his scenes with legendary actor, Jack Nicholson. After that, James pursued a life in academics, getting his Master’s in History and publishing several books, also finishing his Master’s in Business. He then was a curator at the Smithsonian sister museum, the Kansas Cosmosphere and then ran a museum and business in Greensburg, Kansas. The opportunity to move to New York came when his mother, who went to medical school at age 44, came to New York to study for a year to become a cardiologist. he stopped everything to come to New York to assure that she was safe and able to concentrate on her schooliong. After she finished, she moved back to Kansas and became a full time working cardiologist. A classically trained actor, he has been seen in over 50 Shakespearean, straight, and musical theatre productions, along with numerous short films, web series, feature films, and television shows. Currently he is studying with Lee Brock and Seth Barrish at the legendary Barrow Group, with acting coach Anthony Grasso and has been seen on several sets a features. Now considered a veteran Voice Over actor, he has booked several professional Voice Over roles and loves his new pursuit in becoming Jim Robbie. He is the young father, the All American with the heart of gold even though he may be awkward. With the ability to handle both dramatic and comedic roles, James has the famous Midwestern subtle humor and charm.

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Gabe Kalfen


Gavin Waters

Voice or Narrator and Kinghorn, Various Voices

Lucille Valentine

Voice of Charity, Various Voices

Special Guests

Nicolas Petcosky
Lauren Shippen of the The Bright Sessions
Karim Kronfli
Eli McIlveen of Alba Salix
Dan Manning of Whisperforge
Mischa Stanton
Austin Beach of Audioblivious Productions
Alexander Danner of Greater Boston
Jeff Van Dreason of Greater Boston
Richard Penner of The Infinite Now
Peter Lalush of Simply Scary Podcasts
Maxximillian Defoe of Mollyville
James Oliva of What’s the Frequency
Eric Perry of Oz9

Select Previous Cast Members

Mako Horikoshi - Voice of Charlie
Aleksandr Wilde - Voice of Jim Robbie
Daniel Lehnen - Voice of Jim Robbie
Achitha Sanganeethy - Writer

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