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Season 3 Has Started

Season 3 has crept in. The troupe travels across the plains and mountains of the midwest, and yet, something sinister seems to be happening around them. Season 3 is available on iTunes, Google Play, Podbay and Stitcher, and any other podcatchers.

Odd Messages

Someone's been trying to contact you on twitter. They're driving us mad, but maybe you can understand what @wanderleaks is trying to tell you.

Seems they're doing even more on Tumblr, and the official Tumblr has joined in. Check out OfficialJRatW and The Wander Leaks.

We've been interviewed!

Please go and listen to our interview at Radio Drama Revival

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Crossroad Stations is not only looking for actors for Jim Robbie and the Wanderers, but the audition page also cast for other shows.