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Who in the World are We?

Tango leads a traveling musical troupe. Charlie is a musical mechanical engineer. And Jim Robbie is a curmudgeon robot that Tango made out of a radio, a tin can, and silverware. They also wander.

They travel around an America far flung from our own. They come across all fantastic and wonderful places and beings. From mad scientists to vampires, Underwater cities to floating trees, and hyper-intelligent zombies to radio stations run by mice. Now if only our dear trio could stop getting into trouble with the locals and getting themselves involved in everyone's affairs. But that would require them to keep their curiosity in check, and what fun would that be?

We are a bimonthly audio drama podcast running like a fun old time radio show, take a bit, sit down and enjoy!

Season 2 Has Started

Season 2 has rolled into the station. This time the trio is wandering the wide desert on the west side of their route. Fantastic things are sure to be arising. The first episode: Inauspicious Start promises more robots than you can safely shake a stick at, a stick up, and a grand old time. Season 2 is available on iTunes, Google Play, Podbay and Stitcher, and any other podcatchers.

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